Our services include:

  • Information on occupations, skill levels and professional qualifications required by employers;
  • Support and advice in achieving your professional goals or in making decisions about change in your career;
  • Assistance in finding a first work experience, a job or an internship in your field;
  • Helping in drafting your curriculum vitæ, cover letter and presentation card;
  • Preparation for job interviews based on real situations;
  • Counseling and a well tailored support to enable you become successful in your employment search and remain with the job for the long term.


Job Finding Club:
November 14, 2022

Specialized Newcomer Services:
December 5, 2022


Persons born in Quebec or Canada, permanent residents, residing on the Island of Montreal, accepted refugees, Canadian citizens and other members of cultural communities, post-graduate foreign students with work permit, temporary foreign workers with work permit, Working Holiday Permit (WHP) holders and spouses in the above-mentioned categories.