La mission du Club de recherche d'emploi CREMCN


Our purpose is to help each candidate find employment that meets their ambitions in their sector of expertise. Our team of job search experts will give you a personalized welcome that will meet your highest expectations. 

  • Learn how to showcase your skills and prioritize your professional development
  • Enhance your chances of re-integrating the work market, even after a prolonged absence
  • Your team can guide you in re-integrating the labour market, even if you’ve left it a long time ago
  • We can also provide coaching for a successful change of career
  • If you’ve just arrived in Montreal with an open work permit as permanent resident or refugee with a CSQ, we can help you navigate your first Canadian experience.

“Happiness at work is profitable for businesses as well as for society.” 


  • - We are a Montreal-based job search resource centre with over 28 years of experience helping job seekers
  • Our experienced team creates an action plan adapted to the needs of each of our candidates
  • Our employment counsellors are always available and ready to listen to better tailor their interventions to your particular needs
  • Our work focuses on people and their families
  • We help you showcase your skills
  • We facilitate your professional development
  • We want to stand out in the market by offering highly-personalized, cutting-edge services. We use unique, dynamic methods, and offer job seekers both individual and group activities to help them find jobs that meet their needs
  • Read what those who have used our services have to say.


Job Finding Club:

Specialized Newcomer Services:


*Persons born in Quebec or Canada. *Permanent residents. *Residing on the Island of Montreal. *Accepted refugees. *Canadian citizens and other members of cultural communities *Post-graduate foreign students with work permit *Temporary foreign workers with work permit *Working Holiday Permit (WHP) holders and spouses in the above-mentioned categories.